The Pet Apartment – What Options You Have with You?

Have with You

If you are planning on keeping a pet at your apartment, it is not that atrocious an idea. Initially it might seem an outrageous thought, for maintaining a pet in an apartment building is kind of bizarre and questionable. Keep your worries aside as that will not be the case, and as it stands true for all pet lovers, nothing would keep you as good a company as a pet. A friend who resides in one of the apartments in Mufreesboro TN owns a pet bird, and according to him, the apartment couldn’t have been any more animated with her presence.

The apartment doesn’t smell like a bird market, which could be a first concern for all family, friends and even neighbors. Keeping the home smell-free requires a lot of maintenance, but for the friend, it comes with its perks. He says it is more like getting a baby in your apartment, high maintenance definitely, but the fun the bird brings along is tremendous, so it could totally be worth it to keep one at home. Initially, the cleaning and tidying of that section of the apartment, was very challenging. With constant dusting around the area, to changing food trays, to disinfecting the cage, to cleaning the bird itself, was extremely troublesome.

However, that was a thing of the past. The friend is now managing the whole process, and having fun at the same time. He stays alone in the apartment, but now he has the pet bird to keep him company all day long. She chirps, sings, imitates sounds, whistles and provides complete entertainment. The apartment is always reverberating with her sounds, and even the neighbors ring the bell more often to talk with or gawk at the little pet bird.

The apartment is more like the bird’s home now. She navigates her way around the rooms easily, without any problems and fuss, and is trained to do her business in designated areas only, which makes cleaning easy. Bird proofing the apartment was very essential for the friend, as anything would prove lethal for the bird if not taken care of. Electrical cords, tobacco, scented candles, aerosol sprays, stoves etc, all had to be out of reach for the bird. With many such elements around the apartment, it was tricky work to be accomplished.

Even with all the cons about keeping a bird at your apartment, with regards to hygiene, cleanliness, bird proofing the home, and the regular bathing, talking and playing, there are the pros. With being the one thing to look forward to when you are back at your apartment after a long day at work, this innocent creature is a pure gift to all who can cherish it. As such, there could be nothing more pleasant and nothing more inviting than a pet bird.

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